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Managed Mobile

The truth is, most IT Service Providers have access to similar tools and services. The difference in IT providers comes down to customer service, standards and execution. Our proactive approach to IT systems management focuses on helping clients use technology to improve business processes. Our highly-skilled engineers use their knowledge and extensive industry experience to ensure technical infrastructure reflects the industry’s best practices. This standardization is the major differentiator between Impact and other providers. The use of this standardization ensures 360-degree protection from security threats, disasters, hardware OS and application failures.

Benefit: improve security

Verifying that all systems have the latest security patches and the network is closed from intrusions can be a timely undertaking. CompleteCare provides all the tools and resources to ensure that security is never compromised. Continual monitoring for security breaches and loopholes, and real-time alerting on these issues, allows our NOC to stay ahead of security risks before intrusions happen.


Managed mobile support

  • Provides configuration management and security to client mobile devices
  • Credential management
  • Email configuration
  • Passcode compliance
  • Usage restrictions
  • VPN and WIFI configuration
  • Remote Wipe/Lock
  • Location tracking
  • Asset inventory reports

Imagine accessing voice mail through Outlook or referencing scanned documents on your mobile device. Impact can make that happen. We use only world-class technology, insisting on best-of-breed quality and employing high-powered production, color and wide-format scanners.

Trust our personnel

Impact performs a comprehensive background check on all employees to ensure anyone we send to your site will perform admirably. We insist our Impact Assessment personnel dress in business attire and that our technical personnel wear business casual apparel, branded with our logo for clear identification. All Impact employees are thoroughly trained in their respective areas of responsibility.

Awards and Certifications

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