Managed IT & Cloud Services

Infrastructure and Network

Through economies of scale, Impact Networking provides businesses with the highest level of skilled technical engineers. Impact’s technical engineers are not just encouraged, but pushed, to get the latest technology certifications and stay current with ever-changing industry trends and best practices. With such a large team, Impact is able to provide subject-matter experts when needed in many different environmental configurations, and ensure that systems will support business growth instead of inhibiting it.

Benefit: avoid costly downtime

Technology failures can cause havoc to business operations. CompleteCare’s Ongoing Monitoring notifies our team immediately of any issues, which we can correct within minutes. In the case of natural disasters that can halt or even end business operations, our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions get businesses back up and running in minutes.


Infrastructure and network support

  • Monthly firmware review and update
  • Organization and structure planning and maintenance
  • Connectivity service monitoring and support
  • Wireless, VPN, and other connectivity management

Awards and Certifications

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