Outsourced and Managed IT

Overcome the break-fix-repair loop

Get the knowledge, toolset, and structured resources to help achieve your business goals.

Discover Impact CompleteCare

A Comprehensive Maintenance Program for our Clients

Impact Networking understands the business challenges that most small to mid-sized businesses face when tasked with managing core business processes and keeping up with continuous technology demands. Most struggle to get past fixing broken systems and fail to reap the benefits of the big picture of their technology infrastructure.

We believe successful companies consider technology an investment rather than an expense. Impact Networking Managed IT Service provides the knowledge, toolset, and structured resources to help achieve business goals by overcoming the break, fix, and repair loop that hold most businesses back. Our Managed IT service is a fully-managed solution that utilizes a “Best of Breed” Remote Management and Monitoring solution (INC); proven processes and standards; and a group of skilled Certified Consultants and Support staff.

Play it smart

The Impact CompleteCare program is a customizable set of comprehensive IT management services that turn unpredictable technology expenses into a manageable monthly cost. Impact provides top-class IT services and a sophisticated set of IT management tools currently only available to Fortune 1000 companies. Clients receive all of this, plus a highly skilled team of certified systems specialists focusing on their business goals and obtaining them with the right technology. Our solution allows us to proactively monitor and recognize issues, and eliminate them instantaneously to prevent disaster.

Predictable and manageable IT expenditures

Businesses benefit from having expertly managed IT services at affordable, fixed pricing. With our flexible monthly programs, clients can increase or decrease managed services as business needs evolve. This saves time and energy while reducing frustration.

Clients who utilize Impact Networking for any of their other solutions can roll all their expenses into one lease, and the client will only need to make one monthly payment for all Impact expenditures.

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